Alessandro Del Piero was one of Juventus’ best players during his playing career and some fans have still not forgiven the club for how he left.

The ex-striker returned to the Allianz Stadium recently to the delight of those who watched him score many goals for their beloved team.

He is now carving out a career for himself in punditry and other areas of the game. Could he return to the club in another capacity soon?

That is a possibility, according to Todofichajes, who claims Juve is keen to find a role for him.

They are so interested in bringing him back that they could even make him the president as a replacement for Andrea Agnelli.

Juve FC Says

Bringing a former player back to his old stomping ground is usually a thing of delight, and many Juve fans will love to keep their heroes close to home.

However, before Del Piero can return to the club, there has to be a job that he can do.

The Bianconeri would have considered what role he is suitable for before making that decision. If they believe there is no good role for him now, we need to respect that and hope it changes in the future.