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Juventus is not expected to be punished by UEFA for FFP breaches

March 10, 2022 - 2:15 pm

One of the ineffective rules of UEFA has been the Financial Fair Play rule, which top clubs have walked around a lot recently.

The rule was meant to punish clubs that overspend so that everyone will enjoy fair competition.

It has been hard for UEFA to effectively implement it and sanction clubs that break it.

The European football governing body is now looking to make amends to the rule.

The new one will take effect from the 2024/2025 season, but they would reveal it in May.

Meanwhile, under the current ruling, Juventus may have fallen foul of the law following their recent reported losses.

They should ideally face some sanctions, but Il Bianconero says that will not happen.

It claims UEFA has now allowed clubs to spread their losses because of the harsh economic situations around the world.

Juve FC Says

Since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, Juventus and other top European clubs have struggled financially.

They are the worst-hit because they pay the biggest salaries, and it is common practice for clubs to charge them high when they want to buy a player.

UEFA understands this and wants to make life as easy as possible for its members, which is a commendable gesture.

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    Curt March 10, 2022 at 3:00 pm

    So teams that overspend are punished? Then my question is before they even say the name Juventus, they need to have talks with PSG, Man United, Man City, Chelsea and Most Premier League teams. Look at the cost of PGS,’s bench alone.