Juventus could fire their Next Gen manager Massimo Brambilla at the end of this season as they work on making the team better.

The Bianconeri created the B side to develop talents from the U19 side, but they also want to see it progress.

The team competed in the final of the Coppa Italia Serie C this season and lost.

However, the main goal was to gain promotion to Serie B and they failed to achieve it.

Because of this, Tuttojuve reveals the club’s management is not satisfied and might replace Brambilla when this term finishes.

They have some targets in mind, but the first goal is to sack its current manager.

Juve FC Says

We need to have a culture of winning in every part of the club, which is why success is also a must for the Next Gen side.

We will now look to get a manager who can get the team to Serie B and hopefully, it will keep developing young talents for the first team.

But Brambilla has not done badly and probably should be given another season at the helm to get the job done before he is replaced.