Juventus has faced legal troubles on different fronts this season and they have already lost points from one of them.

More punishments could come their way as the Prisma investigation is still ongoing.

A report on Calciomercato is now revealing one other Bianconeri deal that has been flagged.

Rolando Mandragora joined Juventus twice and never really made an impact before he left the club in the summer for Fiorentina.

During his spells with the black and whites, he was mostly sent out on loan from the club and never really stayed in Turin for a good duration.

The report says the deal with Udinese, which saw Juve sell him to them in 2018, only to sign him back in 2020 and allow him to stay with The Little Zebras again.

This transfer has been flagged and investigators believe it could have been used for capital gains.

Juve FC Says

All these legal battles are disrupting our season and our players must try their best to stay focused.

This hasn’t been an easy season for anyone, but we seem to possess the mindset to still end it well.

The boys must stay focused on ensuring they can end the term well even if the 15 points we have lost are not overturned.