Juventus is one of the most popular clubs in the world and the biggest in Italy, despite their recent poor campaigns.

The Bianconeri are recovering from a poor 2021/2022 season and they started this term insufficiently as well.

They have time to recover the gap between them and the top of the league table and we expect them to do that.

Even as they struggle, they remain one of the most popular clubs in Italian society.

A new report from NordPass via Calciomercato reveals “juventus” is one of the most popular passwords in Italy in 2022.

It was ranked 6th as the most used password last year and did better this year by coming 5th.

Juve FC Says

This shows that even as we struggle, we are still attracting more fans and more people are making us a part of their lives.

As we return to form, that number could even be much better in 2023. If we win the league and become the best club in the country in the next few seasons, more people will use us as their password.

For now, our players need to focus on winning more matches and ensuring we keep our momentum.