Juventus is reportedly open to a plea bargain with authorities as they continue to fight multiple legal battles.

The Bianconeri have already lost 15 league points as a punishment for their use of capital gains and the black and whites could be in more trouble as the Prisma investigation into their financial activities also comes to an end.

It seems more trouble is on its way for the Bianconeri who must now prove they are innocent in multiple financial cases.

The black and whites have several options, including entering into a plea bargain with the authorities. Football Italia reveals it is an option they can explore under certain conditions.

The report says, firstly, there must be an agreement with the Agnelli family and secondly, Juve must get a positive verdict on their appeal against a 15-point deduction earlier this month.

Juve FC Says

The club is big enough to employ the best lawyers, and we expect them to get positive verdicts in all these cases.

It would not be easy, but they have assured fans that there is no wrongdoing on their part, so we believe them until it is proven otherwise.