Juventus is usually one of the clubs with the oldest squads in Serie A, especially when Max Allegri is at the helm.

The gaffer is famed for managing older players because he favours experience over talent.

This means whenever a poll is conducted on the average age of teams in Serie A, the black and whites usually have some of the oldest men in the competition in their group.

However, that has seriously changed this season as a new list of the average age of every team in the Italian top-flight shows.

According to Tuttomercatoweb, the average age of Juventus players in the league this season is 27 years and 190 days.

This makes them 5th on the list of the oldest squads in the competition, with Inter Milan leading the standings with 28 years and 307 days.

Juve FC Says

We have brought down the average age of our players in the league this season, which is remarkable, considering how we traditionally trust old players.

This is a very good development and the young players have shown age does not matter, which means we can probably see a lower average age of our players in the next campaign, all things being equal.

The most important consideration in picking players for the squad should be what they can do and not how old they are.