Paul Pogba is currently facing challenges in regaining his fitness and establishing himself as a significant contributor for Juventus in the ongoing season.

The midfielder joined the Bianconeri last season but has struggled with recurring injuries since arriving at the Allianz Stadium.

Despite his injury concerns, Juventus remains optimistic about his potential impact and has refrained from categorising him as surplus within the squad.

However, the club is aiming to renegotiate his salary, seeking a reduction from his current earnings, given his limited on-field presence due to injuries.

Presently, Pogba receives a salary of 10 million euros, with 8 million euros being a fixed portion of this wage. This substantial sum seems disproportionate for a player who has been hampered by injury-related absences.

In an effort to optimise their investment in Pogba, Juventus intends to modify his contract terms. According to a report from Tuttomercatoweb, the club has devised a strategy to present a fresh proposal to his representatives.

Per this report, Juventus intends to uphold the overall package of 10 million euros; however, the composition of this sum would be altered. A larger portion of the salary would be contingent on appearance-based incentives rather than being fixed.

Juve FC Says

Pogba is a top player on paper, but when he does not play, it makes almost no sense to keep him in the squad.

He also understands this and we believe the midfielder will accept a restructuring of his wages to help the club in some way.