Juventus’ 15-point deduction has been temporarily suspended to the relief of their fans as well as players, but it could return.

The Bianconeri are accused of using capital gains to inflate the value of players’ value, which they will be punished for if they are found guilty.

For now, the club can enjoy all the points it has worked hard to earn and hope they remain so they can be guaranteed a spot in the Champions League next season.

However, if Juve is docked points again, they will not sit down and watch it ruin their season. They will fight back.

This was revealed by the club’s CFO Francesco Calvo, who said via Football Italia:

“I am accustomed now to a build-up rich with extra-football dynamics, but the team is fully focused on tonight’s game. Our lawyers will take care of the rest, we have our ideas and have the opportunity to argue our position in front of the Federal Court of Appeal,”

Juve FC Says

We have earned the points we have now and consider it unfair to the players that they will lose some because of what happened outside their performance.

It is much better for the club to be fined than to lose points and we expect always to appeal such a decision.