Juventus has engaged in discussions with Chelsea regarding a potential swap deal involving Dusan Vlahovic and Romelu Lukaku over recent days.

Initially pursuing a separate acquisition of Romelu Lukaku after offloading Dusan Vlahovic, Juventus has encountered challenges in finding potential buyers for the Serbian striker. As a result, the Italian club has shifted its strategy and proposed a swap deal to Chelsea, indicating their willingness to exchange Vlahovic for Lukaku, who is perceived as a superior player.

Dusan Vlahovic has faced difficulties in adapting to the tactical demands of Max Allegri’s system at Juventus. In contrast, the club views Romelu Lukaku as an ideal striker for their playing style.

However, Chelsea’s stance appears to be centred on a desire to sell Lukaku without the inclusion of Vlahovic. This has prompted Juventus to reevaluate its approach. According to a report from Football Italia, the Bianconeri are considering moving forward with their pursuit of Lukaku, even if it means retaining Vlahovic.

Should Juventus proceed with signing Lukaku and retain Vlahovic, they would potentially have an abundance of striking options, including Arkadiusz Milik and Moise Kean, for a system that typically employs two forwards. This would also coincide with the presence of Federico Chiesa in their attacking setup.

Juve FC Says

Signing Lukaku without selling Vlahovic is not an ideal situation to be in as we would be stuck with too many strikers.

This might also mean we will have to offload Milik who just joined or Kean who had previously been untouchable.