Juventus is closely monitoring Radu Dragusin’s future as the defender nears a departure from Genoa.

The Romanian player underwent part of his development at the Allianz Stadium before transferring to Genoa, where he has showcased his talent, becoming one of the standout performers in the league.

Juventus included a sell-on clause in the transfer agreement when Dragusin moved to Genoa, ensuring they would receive a portion of the proceeds when he departs.

According to Tuttojuve, Genoa is poised to sell the young defender to Tottenham for approximately 30 million euros, along with additional bonuses. Juventus stands to gain at least 2.9 million euros from the sell-on clause embedded in the initial agreement.

While Genoa entertained offers from both Bayern Munich and Tottenham for Dragusin’s signature, the player has opted for a move to the London club.

It is noteworthy that Juventus is primarily concerned with the financial aspects of the transfer and is less focused on the specific team Dragusin chooses to join. Their main interest lies in the monetary gains derived from the transaction.

Juve FC Says

Dragusin was always going to be one of the players to earn us money and we were smart to add that sell-on clause to his contract.

Our earnings from the move will not help us sign a top player, but it is a good thing that we are making money from someone we groomed.