Juventus continues its pursuit of the best young talent to strengthen their squad, and their focus has led them to the Bundesliga.

In recent months, Juventus has successfully integrated some of the most promising young players into their first team. Under the management of Max Allegri, the club is gaining a reputation for being youth-friendly in Serie A.

The success of promoting talents like Kenan Yildiz and Samuel Iling-Junior makes Juventus an attractive destination for young players. The latest talent catching their attention is Winsley Boteli, a 17-year-old midfielder from Borussia Monchengladbach as reported by Il Bianconero.

Boteli has been progressing well in Germany and is regarded as a future star. Juventus, known for signing talent from the Bundesliga like Yildiz from Bayern Munich, has been actively scouting players in the German league.

While Boteli still has a significant amount of development ahead, Juventus could potentially add him to their U19 squad. This would provide him with an opportunity to impress and follow the path of other young talents who have earned spots in the first team.

Juve FC Says

Our eye for talent remains sharp, and we can trust the club’s decision if Boteli is brought to Turin.