Juventus has had their 15-point deduction for their use of capital gains overturned and their fans are hopeful things will stay that way.

However, the decision to overturn it is only temporary and pending an appeal that could get it reinstated.

Juve is prepared to defend itself again and a report via Football Italia reveals the Black and Whites need more details about the decision.

It claims Juve wants CONI to give more details into why they overturned the decision and hopes it will help them know the next step to take in the case.

It also reveals they will get the details about the decision in the coming weeks.

Juve FC Says

It is great that the 15 points have been restored, but what is even better is for the case to finish.

Juve cannot continue to exist, knowing we could be banned anytime soon for the same reason.

We have to know what we need to do to be completely free from any form of punishment for the same offence.

For now, we must get better on the field and win most of our remaining matches of the season, so we can at least end the term inside the top four.