Juventus is currently facing the prospect of welcoming back several players who were loaned out last summer, as their loan spells are set to expire. Initially, the club had hoped to offload these players permanently during their loan periods. However, they now face the return of players like Denis Zakaria and Arthur Melo, among others, before the start of the upcoming season.

Nevertheless, there are indications that deals could be reached for Luca Pellegrini and Dejan Kulusevski. Lazio has expressed interest in renegotiating the terms of Pellegrini’s move, reports Tuttomercatoweb, as they aim to secure the left-back’s services on a long-term basis. However, Lazio is not willing to pay the previously agreed-upon fee of 15 million euros. The report suggests that Juventus is now open to the possibility of re-negotiating the terms with Lazio.

This situation highlights Juventus’ efforts to manage their squad and make necessary adjustments as they welcome back their loaned players. Negotiations and discussions with interested clubs will likely continue in the coming months to determine the future destinations of these players.

Juve FC Says

We need to offload most of our players and must be open to renegotiating terms for that to happen because other clubs will know we want them to leave.