Juventus has joined efforts to eradicate gender-based violence against women and support gender equality.

The Bianconeri is one of the biggest clubs in the world and remains very influential.

They could use their popularity for good causes and have decided to make an effort to stop gender-based violence against women.

The Bianconeri said via Football Italia:

“A statistic from the World Health Organization report 2021 reminds us that in the world, at least one in three women suffers violence in the course of her life.

“Gender-based violence is a widespread socio-cultural phenomenon that can take place anywhere and in a thousand forms – on the street, in the workplace, at home, on the web, through gestures, or perhaps words that humiliate, denigrate, hurt, reinforce negative stereotypes and attitudes.

“This is unacceptable! Juventus, therefore, once again this year is participating in the United Nations’ ‘Orange the World’ campaign, inviting you to break the silence.”

Juve FC Says

Gender-based violence is rampant in the world and powerful organisations like Juventus need to give their support to its eradication.

The Bianconeri already has a women’s team that it supports very well and is thriving.

The club will get more supporters and followers for this effort and more fans could mean more money.

Organisations looking for social clubs to partner with will also do business with us because of our stance on the issue.

Hopefully, our players will continue to perform well and ensure the team remains at the top of Italian and European football.