The trial of Andrea Agnelli and other Juventus executives will start soon as prosecutors build a case against them to prove they have cooked the books at the club.

Agnelli and his board of directors have resigned, with the Bianconeri naming a new club president and postponing the decision to name a new board until next year.

The trial is expected to see several damning pieces of evidence presented in court to prove Juventus has been dubious in some of its business dealings.

Although the case is being brought against them by Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office, a report on Tuttomercatoweb reveals they are asking for it to be moved to Milan.

A judge is yet to rule on the application, but the Bianconeri’s chance of getting their wish is not so good.

Juve FC Says

The investigation into this case has gone on for a very long-time and we are clearly tired of it by now.

However, it is a strong case and we must be prepared to defend ourselves if we insist we have done nothing wrong and the club better hopes their lawyers are capable.

The worst-case scenario, if we have done anything wrong, is to pay a huge fine.

So we need to start planning for the return of club football after the World Cup, because we need on-field success to distract us from the woes we have suffered off-field recently.