At the age of 44, the vast majority of footballers would be long retired and already establishing themselves in a new career trajectory.

Nonetheless, the legendary Gianluigi Buffon remains an active goalkeeper in his mid forties, and apparently he isn’t planning on hanging his gloves in the near future.

The 2006 World Cup winner started his career at Parma before joining Juventus in 2001 where he became a club symbol.

The custodian represented the Bianconeri in 19 campaigns over the course of two spells interrupted by a year spent at Paris Saint-Germain.

In 2021, he made his homecoming to Parma, and he feels that he found what he was seeking at his original club.

Buffon explains, that after almost two decades of pressure, he’s finally able to enjoy his football in a less stressful atmosphere.

“Parma gave me serenity, happiness and a human dimension that I needed after years of pressure,” said the 44-year-old in an interview with La 7 via ilBianconero.

“It made me rekindle relationships of friendship and affection that I had neglected in these twenty-odd years.

“They are only positive aspects with a single goal, dream and responsibility which is to return to Serie A. It would be great to do so.”

Buffon has only been able to make three Serie B appearances this term, and is currently suffering from a hamstring injury. The Crociati currently sit fourth in the league standings.