Luca Pellegrini spent the first half of this season on loan at Eintracht Frankfurt, but he struggled and is spending the rest of the campaign at Lazio.

The left-back is one of several players Juve sent out on loan in the summer and he was expected to do well in Germany.

However, that never happened and Pellegrini was homesick before eventually leaving for Lazio to continue the campaign.

He has admitted there are differences to how football is played in both countries and said via Tuttomercatoweb:

“It’s a lot, even physically. They are two different championships. It was a training experience, I learned to see football in another way”.

Juve FC Says

Pellegrini is a top player who we believe can have a great future in the game, so he did not have to remain in Germany when he was struggling.

The move back home to Lazio will help him get up to speed with Serie A football and he could even get some national team callups.

But no one says it would be easier for him to succeed in Rome, so he must work hard, otherwise, he will struggle again, just as was the case in Frankfurt.