Juventus has been dealt a major transfer blow as one of their targets finds an agreement with Barcelona.

The Bianconeri have been looking around the European market to find players who can deliver for them in the future.

Because of their financial limitations, Juve has paid close attention to the free agency market for the last few months.

Evan Ndicka is one man they wanted to sign for free as the Frenchman runs down his contract at Eintracht Frankfurt, but a report on Tuttomercatoweb reveals he has signed a pre-contract agreement with Barca.

This means the Bianconeri have missed out on yet another transfer target after following him for a long time.

Juve FC Says

If we continue to act slowly, we will miss out on even more transfer targets because other clubs are also monitoring them.

Our present legal struggles mean we find it hard to do business on the market, which could see us lose many good players before we sort it out.

The earlier we are clear on where we stand, the better it will be for us as a club.

But winning matches and ending this term in a good position are our most important goals now.