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Moise Kean to sign pro-contract with Juventus

October 7, 2016 - 3:50 pm

Juventus are hoping to finalise talks with Mino Raiola to offer Moise Kean his first professional contract.

The 16-year-old striker is highly rated by the club, having netted 24 goals in 25 games last season and scoring 5 in 5 this term.

Recent reports in the Italian and English press suggest Arsenal and Manchester City have taken a close interest in the striker, with Pep Guardiola taking a particular liking to the player.

Kean is represented by super-agent Mino Raiola who has been handling the drawn out negotiations with Juventus Director Beppe Marotta.

Gazzetta Dello Sport report that a deal could finally be on the horizon but it’s unclear as to what the final agreement will include.

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  • Avatar
    Dar Black October 7, 2016 at 11:59 pm

    The Devil strikes again…

    • thegutterpoet
      thegutterpoet October 8, 2016 at 9:55 am

      I just hope this nonsense comes to an end soonish. Perhaps the tabloid smoke is emanating from some sparks from a source closer to the club. It is high time, he was signed up, as we have been seeking since the end of the February. I suspect that the most we will be able to achieve will be a 3 year contract.

      The only point which intrigues me, other than his phenomenal talent is that I was under the impression that players classed as minors, as in under 18, did not have professional agents, its the parents who make the decision. And so, how has Mino weaseled his way into proceedings? As an advisor to the family? There seems too much mention of his name attached to the player for there to be zero connection. Yet for him to be ‘representing’ Bioty would be illegal. Officially speaking, Raiola is not his agent, his parents are.

  • thegutterpoet
    thegutterpoet October 8, 2016 at 12:45 am

    No word from the agent nor the club nor the player’s family…so it seems fair to assume that the discussions remain as they have been since last February when the nipper turned 16 and became eligible to sign his first pro contract, namely…somewhat convoluted whilst Raiola decides whether to push to fuck us over and risk alienating the Kean family (who have to give their approval to any contract he signs until he is 18) or whether to try insert into the contract certain elements which in future he can use to fuck us over when the family have no say in the matter. I am sure Mino would be considering on order of preference –

    1. Move to a club prepared to pay him a large fee and insert into the contract massive bonus for the players development and future success. This can happen presently if the parents agree and Juve would receive a pittance.

    2. Sign a contract at Juve which expires when he turns 18, when he can persuade Bioty to sign with another club regardless of his parent’s wishes. Juve receives a pittance.

    3. Accept that Juve will demand a longer contact, but push hard for this foreign loan routine he has mentioned several times (apparently) which will give the kid a taste of foreign lands and place him perhaps more quickly in the shop window.

    What Juve wants is clearly…a lengthy contract with zero obligation on the part of the club to place the club anywhere at the behest of Raiola or anyone else other than club and player combined.

    Raiola was refusing to countenance a 16 year old playing in our primavera, to the result of Bioty not returning to the U19s after the Summer alongside the others. He came back a few days late due to this nonsense. Our fine friend Mino also was and remains demanding an inordinately high agents fee for his client to sign a contract, which is very abnormal indeed for a 16 year old who has been at the club since he was 13 I believe…

    The reason why we have not yet been fucked over by Raiola on this story appears to be the parents, with whom the club have a strong relationship.

    Rumours of Pep Guardiola personally endorsing a City move for Bioty, ‘sign him at all costs!’ seems plain media tripe. Prompting more flotsam to appear in response. No doubt Wenger is texting him right now, secretly offering his admiration and an open invitation to visit the Gunners for a free tour…

    We got a good price for Pogba, but to conclude that Raiola was totally upfront with the club throughout the protracted transfer saga is at best naive. He seems to have rightly lost the trust and respect of some key members in our management team, regardless of his friendship/ history with Nedved. And I accept only that he has loosely aligned his own financial gain with that of his players. He has no interest in anything but making money. Nothing. So we must bear this in mind, as the club are now doing with more guile than perhaps previously adopted.

    • Avatar
      Dar Black October 8, 2016 at 11:09 am

      This GP, because we saw with Pogba what a rat he is. Saying one thing to the press, masterminding another.

      ” insert into the contract certain elements which in future he can use to fuck us over when the family have no say in the matter. “

  • Avatar
    Jas October 10, 2016 at 4:05 pm

    Raiola is literally like that parasite in the matrix, the one that clings to other life forms and uses them for energy. Seems like EUFA is regulating everything except these “super-agents” or agents in general. This guy has an identity complex, he gets more marketing than majority of the players he represents. Riding off other peoples hard work combined with his douchebag personality he has no problem stripping away decency for the sake of profit. M.R represents the absolute worse in soceity, I hope these governing oversight body’s actually take a course of action against these guys. The clubs actually invest, money, time, manpower in to these players but what on earth does the agent do besides take commission and strip away decency from these guys. Kean is a huge talent but again the fact that is is taking all of the steps Balotelli did literally shows his character and that is not Juve’s material. No player is bigger than the club, no agent should be bigger than the player but it seems we are heading in that direction. I hope Kean signs longerterm with us, but at no time should we be at his or Riola’s mercy. Again, this kid really seems like Balotelli in the making, every step his taken so far seems to indicate he is on a path to self desctruction.