Juventus’ Ultras will be silent during the club’s next two home games as a protest, Football Italia reports.

The Bianconeri have one of the strongest Ultra groups in the country, and they always vocally support their beloved club.

They make the Allianz Stadium a tough place for opposing players while showing full support to their own.

However, Curva Sud will remain silent when Juve faces Monza and Salernitana at home before this season ends.

They made this known and say it is in response to the club’s rejection of some of their requests.

They even seem to threaten the Bianconeri players with a statement reading: 

“We have supported everyone despite knowing some misconducts of some of our footballers, who, off the pitch, tend not to behave as professional athletes. Even if you go far from Turin, there are things we come to know.”

Juve FC Says

Our Ultras are a major part of this club, and their support is important for our players’ success on the pitch.

The club understands their importance, and we expect them to support the group as much as possible, but we also know that it is difficult to make everyone happy.