Juventus has lost their court case against Cristiano Ronaldo and will now pay him almost 10m euros, reports Football Italia.

Ronaldo had taken the club to court over deferred wages worth around 19m euros.

He was adamant they had to pay him, even though his wages were deferred because he had a private agreement with former club president Andrea Agnelli.

Juve remained adamant that the club is not liable to pay him, but an arbitration panel has ruled that the Bianconeri owe the Al Nassr striker €9.7m plus interest.

The panel ruled that the attacker and Juventus share responsibility, so each party must pay half the 19 million euros.

Juve FC Says

This ruling is a win for Ronaldo, but it will be interesting to see how the club reacts to it.

It is sad that our relationship has gotten to this point because Ronaldo was one of our most important players when he played at the Allianz Stadium.

He scored over 100 goals for us before leaving in 2021 and has continued to enjoy his career outside Europe.

Ronaldo is one of the world’s richest and most decorated players, but we expect him to still fight hard to recover every penny he has worked for.