Juventus has expressed their interest in acquiring the services of Cristiano Giuntoli as their next sporting director, but they are only willing to wait for a certain period of time. Giuntoli is currently under contract with Napoli, and Juventus is waiting for him to become available.

As one of the struggling giants of European football in recent seasons, Juventus is keen on rebuilding their team and sees Giuntoli as the ideal leader for this endeavour. Giuntoli has played a pivotal role in Napoli’s success, helping them secure a long-awaited league title, and he now seeks to take the opportunity at Juventus to progress his career further.

The Bianconeri firmly believe that Giuntoli is the right person for the job, and they are willing to wait for a certain period, although not indefinitely. They have a contingency plan in place, with Giovanni Manna being considered a potential alternative for the sporting director role should Giuntoli encounter difficulties in freeing himself from Napoli.

A report from Calciomercato reveals Juventus’ intention to explore internal options, such as Manna, should their pursuit of Giuntoli face obstacles.

Juve FC Says

We need to find a sporting director as soon as possible and must be ready to promote someone from the organisation if we cannot get Giuntoli.

Anyone already in the system will work well for us and ensure we can continue on a growth path that suits us.

However, Giuntoli is much more experienced and should be the man we get if we can wait for him.