This summer holds significant importance for Juventus as they aim to rebuild and rejuvenate their squad following the challenges they faced in the previous season. Despite being one of the prominent clubs in Europe, they fell short of securing a Champions League spot.

As a consequence, the financial impact has been substantial, compelling them to focus on recovering their losses. Juventus had suboptimal performances from some of their key players in the previous transfer window, prompting them to seek suitable replacements.

Numerous reports have indicated that they intend to sell top players such as Federico Chiesa and Dusan Vlahovic to compensate for the shortfall in Champions League revenue. Calciomercato has supported these claims by stating that everyone at Juventus is available for transfer, as the club aims to capitalise on not participating in Europe’s premier club competition.

Under the guidance of manager Max Allegri, the club is willing to consider offers for all their players, hoping to generate sales and achieve a balanced financial situation.

Juve FC Says

We are facing an important next few months as the club considers the future of several players on its books now.

We expect the board to make some tough but important decisions, so fans must prepare to see at least one key player leave.