Despite scoring a couple of sublime goals since his return from injury, it hasn’t been a fairytale comeback for Federico Chiesa.

The Italian spent 10 months away from the field before completing his return in late October. Nonetheless, he hasn’t been able to put together a consistent run of matches due to recurring stops.

The 25-year-old missed yesterday’s match against Hellas Verona after struggling in training in the prior days.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport via ilBianconero, even the club’s medical staff are perplexed by Chiesa’s mysterious condition.

As the source tells it, the club’s trainers asked the player to push during training, but the latter objected by saying: “I can’t, it hurts!”

A couple of weeks ago, the former Fiorentina man traveled to Austria seeking some answers from professor Fink (who operated on him last year), but returned empty-handed.

The medical staff is now planning to further investigate the condition with a fiber optic arthroscopy, with some suspecting a psychological block behind the player’s troubles.

Therefore, the report reveals that the winger has been nervous and restless in previous weeks as he anxiously awaits answers that explain his physical condition.

Juve FC say

When Chiesa first returned to the pitch, he seemed ready and raring to go, showing absolutely no signs of a psychological block.

So if the winger says that he’s still feeling some pain, then the club must try its best to identify the condition and prevent what would be a devastating relapse.