As Juventus patiently waited for Cristiano Giuntoli, they have now shifted their focus to formulating their summer plans in order to strengthen their squad for the upcoming season.

Among their targets, Davide Frattesi stands out as one of their primary objectives. The Sassuolo player is regarded as someone who can have a significant impact at the Allianz Stadium.

Over the past two seasons, Juventus has been consistently linked with Frattesi, benefiting from their positive relationship with Sassuolo. This connection had positioned them as favourites to secure his services.

However, it appears that Juventus might have been slow to act, as a recent report from Football Italia suggests that Inter Milan has taken the lead in the race for Frattesi’s signature.

The report reveals that Juventus recently engaged in discussions with Sassuolo regarding the potential acquisition of Frattesi. Unfortunately, they might have initiated serious negotiations too late, as Inter Milan has made earlier contact and thus holds the advantage.

Additionally, it is mentioned that Juventus is not inclined to participate in a bidding war and could potentially struggle to meet Sassuolo’s asking price of 40 million euros.

Juve FC Says

Inter Milan remains one of the top sides in the league and reached the final of the Champions League last season, which makes them one club to fear in the transfer market.

However, we are Juventus. If we offer the highest fee to Sassuolo, Frattesi will have almost no problems choosing us.