With the Brazilian national team being inactive during the current international break, one would think that its players would be set for an eventful two weeks.

Nonetheless, Juve’s Arthur still found his way to the spotlights, even if due to a controversial reason.

Andrea Pirlo used the break to work with players who weren’t called up for international duty, but apparently he handed them few days of rest during the weekend.

Accrording to Corriere dello Sport (via ilBianconero), the former Barcelona star took advantage of his off-days to enjoy a small vacation in Dubai.

The Brazilian appeared on Instagram whilst visiting the private zoo of his friend Sheikh Saif Ahmad Belhasa. However, a section of the Bianconeri fans didn’t took it too well.

While some of them reminded the player of his mistake that costed Juventus the match against Benevento, others noted that his trip could actually be an illegal one due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The source states that traveling from Italy to the United Arab Emirates can only be concluded with a precise reason, which is mainly related to work, health reasons, studies, absolute urgency or a return to one’s home.

Therefore, the report believes that the only explanation behind Arthur’s trip to Dubai would be work related, which can basically be a private commercial dealing or a similar reason.

For their part, Juventus stated that the player was not under their control, as he was enjoying a few days off.

Arthur is expected to return to Continassa on Tuesday.