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Juventus miss out on another glamorous free agent – (Video)

July 8, 2021 - 1:30 pm

After making a habit of signing the best available free agents on the market, Juventus seem to be heading in a different direction this season under new sporting director Federico Cherubini.

Perhaps they were once again beaten by the richer Frenchmen, or maybe the Bianconeri opted against signing another aging defender, but legendary Real Madrid captain, Sergio Ramos, was announced as the latest signing in what is turning out to a greatly active summer in Paris.

The 35-year-old spent the last 16 years in the Spanish capital, before bidding an emotional farewell to Los Blancos.

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    martinn July 8, 2021 at 2:02 pm

    well not too gutted personally thanks to age , but yet again, overlooked on the World`s stage and not even in the conversation. Are you watching, Agnelli? ronaldo is old news, well past his prime, a drain on resources and morale..we need a big name if you want to be talked about again, or you just want to scrape by as a top 4 average club instead of growing and cementing a happy fanbase? because 400m to just maintain an average team is less than we deserve. it`s duisgusting how you haven`t even paid for locatelli already even though sassuolo are being awkward. humiliation. i will get behind the team when it comes, but i am realistic we are top4 unless you improve.