It’s been a big day for everyone. The World Cup final is never a small event, and when it goes to extra time  -again – it’s an even more momentous occasion. Sadly while the World Cup is coming to an end, we can take solace in the fact that the club season is almost here. In fact, it’s so soon that Juventus start training once again tomorrow on Monday July 14th.

That’s probably the big news of the day, with Juventus releasing the callups list that featured really only one big surprise: Fabio Quagliarella was not called up. Quagliarella is on the way out at Juve, with Di Marzio reporting news of a new, but still rejected, offer from Torino. His exclusion from the side all but confirms his exit.

There were some interesting inclusions as well. Some players who may be headed towards loans, or transfers, out of Vinovo were called up. Guys like Marco Motta, Luca Marrone, and Frederik Sorensen. As was new signing Kingsley Coman. Perhaps Coman can follow in Paul Pogba’s footsteps and win his way into the senior side.

Speaking of Pogba, he was selected by FIFA as the best youngster at the 2014 World Cup. While unsourced  rumors about his future, partially fueled by his London vacation, abound Pogba has again been decorated for his skill and on a grand stage at that. Many had predicted Pogba would have a coming out party of sorts at the World Cup, and that he did.

Finally, there’s also transfer news regarding a ex-member of Juventus. None other than the great Amauri is being linked to Palermo, via Sky. If such a move were to happen, you can pencil him in to score a goal in a match against any potential Scudetto challengers that Juve has, and probably late on in the season at that.

Sleep tight, Juventini, because tomorrow a squad known as “Juventus” awakes after two months and begins work anew.