Juventus on the wrong end of officials decisions against Benevento

November 29, 2020 - 11:02 pm

Juventus had to settle for a draw against Benevento this week, but we were on the wrong side of some terrible decisions.

Matthijs De Ligt was clearly pulled back in the penalty area in the opening half of the match, something that should have been clearly determined had VAR been used properly, as seen in the picture at the top of the page.

While the most painful decision came at the end of the game which will have had little effect on the result, the referee’s decision to give Alvaro Morata a red card for reasons unknown will mean that the Spaniard will now miss the next league matches, which is a huge blow.

Morata has been in fine form since joining from Atletico Madrid, scoring eight goals in his 11 appearances thus far, and his absence could be even more vital if Ronaldo continues to struggle with fitness.

We have been on the wrong end of questionable decisions throughout the season, with Federico Chiesa also receiving a straight red card for a slightly late challenge which had zero malice involved, and no VAR was used to analyse that decision either.

Juventus are struggling a little of late, and should no doubt be able to beat these teams without the luck of having referees be slightly biased against us, but it certainly doesn’t help when so much is going against us at present.

Do the officials have an agenda against Juve at present?


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    Bozo November 30, 2020 at 6:52 am

    Let’s not be Like Inter Fans and complain about judges and think that there is some conspiracy… we didn’t Play Well and that is it.

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    chpo November 30, 2020 at 1:57 pm

    As a Juventus fan I felt the same several times, but also seeing concentration problems during defending and build-up play. This however is nothing Pirlo is responsible for as it happened quite often the last years. Hurt the most when Vidal missed an easy pass and Barcelona scored in an counterattack. CL final 2015? Or Dybala’s misplaced pass against Lazio. Went out of the game and the through-in resulted into a draw. Johnny Square was the king against Benevento in bad passes. He also misses a lot of quick passes or sending teammates towards goal as if he lacks understanding of the game in general. Then he cuts in and kills the speed.
    Overall, I like the team and hoping for Pogba to return, which would be the best for him in my biased opinion, to complete the old team with Morata.
    In the end, we could have easily won this match wouldn’t Dybala have missed the open goal from around the penalty spot. Also Morata missed a great header.
    It’s strange, but most Juve players are having problems with shooting at the goal except for Morata, Ronaldo and Rabiot. I also witness many low pass errors also with Ronaldo. And what hurts most is that Dybala developed into some kind of zombie. Is that a mental thing? Doesn’t get anything done. I forgot Arthur. He has a very tight ball control and is agile with the ball but he seems not to know what to do with it. 5m passes and no inspiration at all. Is he supposed to be a Pjanic with no long ball abilities?
    It’s only 6 points to Milan now and 1 to Inter, but they better pick it up soon. Otherwise, the gap is becoming to big.