Juventus is not exactly a selling club, which is why it has not sold the most players among Italian clubs in the last ten seasons.

The Bianconeri are the biggest club in Italian football, and they remain the leading side even when they don’t win trophies.

Juve has won just one trophy in the last three seasons, but no club can claim its crown as the top club in the country.

A recent comprehensive report on Calciomercato has shed light on the Serie A clubs that have sold the most players in the last ten years and the combined value of these transfers, providing valuable insights into the football market.

Unsurprisingly, Atalanta has sold more players than any other Serie A club, with 644 sales, followed by Parma with 635 players sold in the last ten years.

Juventus is fifth on the list, having sold 427 players. However, the Bianconeri have earned the most money, with 1.1 billion euros made from those transfers.

Juve FC Says

Even when we sell players, we do not sell them cheaply because most of the players we sell or groom are high class talents.

This explains why we have sold fewer players and made more money, but we are not a selling club and must always keep our best players.