Juventus remains one of the biggest clubs in European football, and the Bianconeri continue to prove their financial worth on the global stage.

They have placed Italian football on the map by making some big-money signings over the years, which has continued in 2022.

Juve has been posting substantial financial losses, but that has not stopped them from spending money on top players like Dusan Vlahovic and the Serbian has also delivered.

In 2022, they sold a number of players and added others to their group to make it stronger and it has now been revealed by Sky Sports via Tuttomercatoweb that they spent 203 million euros in the calendar year on new buys.

However, they also made some good money by collecting 138 million Euros from sales.

Juve FC Says

We are one of the biggest clubs in the world and it is hard for any Serie A club to come close to spending money as we do.

We bring the best players to the competition and others follow. We expect even more spending in 2023, with the likes of Adrien Rabiot, Alex Sandro and Juan Cuadrado possibly leaving the club as free agents.

Hopefully, we will replace them with the right players, not just anyone on the market.