Juventus has been signing young players to their squad in recent transfer windows and that means several current members of the team might start to find their places under serious threat.

Most of them have expiring deals and time is ticking for the club to hand them new ones.

Alex Sandro is one such player as the Brazilian will be in the last year of his current deal by next season.

In the last few weeks, he has started on the bench while Luca Pellegrini has played as Juve’s left-back.

Calciomercato suggests this is a sign that he might be nearing the end of his time at the club.

The report claims Max Allegri likes him, but the club is already looking into the future and is considering a move for Everton’s Lucas Digne and Andrea Cambiaso of Genoa.

Juve FC Says

At 30, Sandro is at the back end of his career and the smart thing to do is to find a replacement for the Brazilian.

Pellegrini is a good option, but he isn’t experienced enough and that makes signing Digne a good idea.

The Frenchman is more experienced than Cambiaso and would be less of a gamble.

However, the transfer might come down to who is less expensive to purchase, as the club’s finances aren’t in a good shape now.