Juventus has suffered from the absence of several key players this season and the Bianconeri have paid for it with poor form in the league and European competitions.

They exited the Champions League after winning one and losing five matches in the group stage of the competition.

Their poor performance is closely tied to the absence of important players in several matches because of injury and they were even forced to blood youngsters in the competitions.

The unusually high amounts of injuries they have suffered this season have forced the club to consider an investigation.

A report via Football Italia reveals the Bianconeri will have one during the World Cup.

They want to know why so many of their players have been injured so often in the campaign.

Juve FC Says

The amount of injuries Juve players have suffered this term calls for an investigation into the matter.

If we can find a good reason why they have been injured so often, we could eventually stop the problem.

However, injuries are a part of the game and it could simply be that we have signed too many injury-prone players.

If that is the case, we need to do better when we get into the market next time.