This month will see Juventus spend around €16m on transfers, according to Ilbianconero.

The Bianconeri is looking to win a tenth straight league title and they have to back Andrea Pirlo with players that he needs.

Their transfer strategy has also been geared towards signing younger players recently, and they look prepared to continue that in this transfer window.

The report says that their intention is to spend the money on two 19-year-olds that have caught their attention in recent months.

Bryan Reynolds of FC Dallas is one of the players they want to sign before the transfer window closes, and they will put 7m euros towards that venture.

He will join Benevento for the rest of the season and make the move to Turin eventually at the end of this campaign.

Nicolò Rovella is the other player that they want to sign and they are prepared to spend 9m euros on him.

Rovella would remain on loan at Genoa for the rest of this season and only return to Turin at the end of the 2021/2022 season.

While they try to win the league again, it seems that for now, the Bianconeri wants to focus on signing players with future value for their team.