With the 2022 World Cup now in the rear-view mirror, players and fans alike will redirect their focus towards the ongoing campaign.

Nonetheless, the impact of the grand international tournament will surely be felt both on the physical and morale aspects as clubs prepare to resume their campaign in the coming days and weeks.

According to Corriere della Sera via ilBianconero, Juventus players ran more minutes in the World Cup than their counterparts who represented other Serie A clubs.

The Old Lady was the most represented club in Italian football with eleven ambassadors in Qatar, and this stat translated to the amount of playing time.

In fact, the Bianconeri stars played for a combined 2626 minutes during the course of the tournament, which is almost the double of the figures registered by Inter (1,416′) Milan (1,409′) and Napoli (1,368′).

Juve FC say

While it’s always pleasant to be well-represented on the global stage, it remains to be seen if these numbers will eventually take a toll on the rest of the campaign.

Juventus have already been dealing with never-ending injury crisis during the first part of the campaign, and now, some of our World Cup participants have returned to Turin while carrying knocks.

So let’s hope that the injury situation remains under control during the coming weeks and months.