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Juventus prepares to cash in on at least three players in January

December 3, 2021 - 3:45 pm

Juventus is in poor form and that will cost some players their career at the Allianz Stadium.

The Bianconeri remains arguably the biggest club in Italy, but their performance in this campaign has simply been unacceptable.

As expected, the team’s overall poor form is because some players are not doing well enough.

This has now forced the club to put them on the market and Juve would listen to offers from as early as January.

Calciomercato reports that Dejan Kulusevski, Adrien Rabiot and Aaron Ramsey would be offloaded in the January transfer window for the right price.

The report adds that Arthur will be given more chances to impress and would be evaluated to see if he returns to form.

Juve FC Says

Juve is too big a club for the performance it is delivering now and it is probably time for that to change.

The Bianconeri has tried to get the best out of these players and it seems it will never happen.

It remains unclear if they aren’t good enough or cannot just put enough effort in to contribute much better to the team.

In the second half of this season, we need only the players that can help us get back inside the top four and if that means replacing these stars, then so be it.

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    BianconeriJack1897 December 4, 2021 at 2:01 am

    I would have no problem if Juventus sold Rabiot, Ramsey and Kulusevski in January. Especially the first two have done nothing but take millions out of the club with very little in return. I blame the management for giving them such insane contracts, but I also blame the players for their lack of personal responsibility. Kulusevski is a talented young player with every attribute at his disposal to be so much better than he has shown on a consistent basis. He has had a lot of chances but seems to make the wrong choices too many times which is immensely frustrating. He also never looks happy, especially when he scores or makes an assist. He just looks vacant. I hold no ill-will towards Kulusevski, but Rabiot & Ramsey are the poster boys for what is so wrong about Juventus. Move them out ASAP and bring in players who want to fight for the badge now and into the future. I would rather see U-23 players in the team, but that never seems to happen.