Juventus president Gianluca Ferrero has vowed the club will defend itself as it faces legal battles on several fronts.

The black and whites have been targeted by authorities in recent months, with their finances being probed for irregularities in their accounting.

They have already lost 15 points for their use of capital gains and are contesting that decision.

The black and whites remain one club we can trust to fight the authorities. They have kept the prosecutors on their toes so far.

As the club battles to clear its name Ferrero insists via Tuttomercatoweb:

“Juventus will defend itself with all its might in the competent offices, I was and remain a fan. What we said in the meeting with the team remains: the company will do its part in the courtrooms and they, as they are doing, are called to answer on the field”.

Juve FC Says

As long as we are confident we have done nothing wrong, we cannot accept the punishment without attempting to clear our name.

The authorities believe they have a strong case against us, but we also know that we are innocent and will prove it.

We expect the leaders to hire the best lawyers for the case and ensure they emerge victorious from it.