Juventus is displaying a genuine commitment to filling the void left by Leonardo Bonucci within their starting lineup, and their strategy involves sustained reliance on promoting talent from their youth ranks.

Over the past two seasons, Juventus has adeptly integrated players from their highly regarded Next Gen team into their senior squad—a tradition that Max Allegri is dedicated to upholding.

Continuing in this vein, Juventus aims to identify and incorporate fresh prospects from their Next Gen ranks, thereby ensuring a continuous influx of young talent into their senior team. As they seek to address the vacancy left by Bonucci, they have identified a suitable candidate.

According to a report from Tuttomercatoweb, Juventus has made the strategic decision to promote Dean Huijsen from their youth setup to the first team. This move is intended to serve as a replacement for Bonucci.

By implementing such a promotion strategy, Juventus can both economise on expenses and cultivate the growth of their young talents within their club system.

Juve FC Says

Huijsen has been performing well for our youth teams and deserves this promotion to the first team.

The defender has been likened to Matthijs de Ligt since he showed his exceptional ability at the club.

He has proven to be too good for the youth level and we expect him to thrive in the senior team.

The other top professionals in the squad will make it easier for him to settle in the first team and he also has some fellow Next Gen products to bond with.