Juventus has set their sights on Carlos Augusto, the left-back from Monza, who made a strong impression during his Serie A performance in the previous season.

Monza’s remarkable and innovative style of play secured their position in the top tier of Italian football, with Augusto being a significant driving force behind their success.

This standout performance has captured the attention of prominent clubs across Italy, and Juventus is particularly hopeful that Augusto could serve as a long-term replacement for Alex Sandro in the left-back position.

However, Juventus is currently prioritising player sales and shedding unnecessary squad members, a strategy that has created challenges in actively pursuing Augusto’s acquisition.

This situation has hindered their ability to fully commit to the pursuit of Augusto, and reports suggest that Inter Milan is currently in the lead for securing the services of the defender.

Despite not yet displaying a strong level of interest, a report from Calciomercato indicates that Juventus is still maintaining its interest in potentially bringing Carlos Augusto on board. The club remains resilient in their pursuit of the Brazilian left-back and has not abandoned the idea of adding him to their roster during the current transfer window.

Juve FC Says

Augusto did well at Monza last season and seems destined to play for a bigger club sooner than later.

If we do not make plans to seal the deal for him early, he will likely agree to become a player of another top club.

But we must offload some of our current left back options that are not wanted before we bring in any new ones.