Juventus has sacked Max Allegri, but there is still the matter of compensation left for both parties to agree upon.

Allegri had one season left on his contract with the club before he was fired, even though many expected him to leave this summer.

Juve fast-tracked his exit and is now in talks with the manager over a severance package, to which he is entitled.

Allegri has had two spells at Juventus, and the manager knows this will be his last.

However, before he moves on to working with other clubs, he wants his severance pay and has asked the Bianconeri to pay him 7 million euros net.

Tuttomercatoweb reveals that the Bianconeri believe the figure is outrageous and have turned down their former manager’s first request.

Allegri is expected to insist on getting his pay, and he might eventually get a substantial amount from the club, but Juve has no plans to meet his current demands.

Juve FC Says

Allegri will want to get every penny we owe him because of the way he was sacked, but we trust the club to also fight and ensure he is not paid more than he is worth.