Juventus has issued a statement following its fine in relation to the salary manoeuvre and suspicious relationship with certain clubs and agents case. The club had previously been subjected to a deduction of 10 points for its involvement in capital gains, and it was determined to avoid further significant penalties.

To mitigate the potential consequences, Juventus entered into a plea bargain agreement with the authorities. As a result, the club has now been fined monetarily, rather than incurring additional point deductions.

Juventus acknowledges the outcome of the case and expresses its commitment to complying with the decision made by the authorities.

After the verdict, the club released a statement which, in part, reads via Tuttomercatoweb:

“The definition of all the open FIGC sporting procedures allows the Company to achieve a certain result, putting a fixed point and overcoming the state of tension and instability that would inevitably arise from the continuation of disputes with uncertain outcomes and times, also allowing the management, the First Team coach and the players to concentrate on sporting activity and in particular on the overall planning for next season (both with reference to sporting activities and as regards business relations with sponsors, other commercial and financial counterparties). “

Juve FC Says

We have received a fair punishment and there is no need to appeal it again. We must also find a way to reach a good verdict in the Prisma case.

The club has to sort out all these legal problems and get them out of the way before a new campaign starts.

Doing this will lift a huge burden off our players and help them perform better in the 2023/2024 term.