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Juventus remains hopeful key player will take a pay cut

June 14, 2022 - 10:30 am

Juan Cuadrado triggered an automatic contract extension at Juventus after reaching a certain number of games for the club last season.

That ensured the Bianconeri didn’t negotiate a pay cut with him as they have done with most of the players renewing their deals for the club recently.

However, Juve remains keen to see him earn less than his usual pay and they have continued to find a way to reach a solution.

Tuttojuve claims they are in talks with him over cutting his salary by 20%. If that is not good enough, the Bianconeri will offer him the choice of spreading his wages over two seasons.

The club hopes he accepts this offer and remains in the charge of Max Allegri.

Juve FC Says

Cuadrado has been one of our key players, but the Colombian isn’t getting any younger, and we have to plan for life without him now.

The former Chelsea man will play a key role for the club in the upcoming season because he is still fit and does what Max Allegri asks of him.

But he needs to show some commitment to the club by accepting a salary reduction.

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