Juventus is the biggest team in Italian football, but rival fans are quick to downplay that fact.

Many do so because the Bianconeri haven’t won a league title in four seasons.

However, on and off the field, the Old Lady continues to demonstrate that almost no team can come close to them.

A recent Football Benchmark report shows that the Bianconeri remain the most valuable club in Italian football.

AC Milan had a good year, with the report finding that the Milan side had the highest Enterprise Value increase over the last year.

However, they ranked only 14th overall among the 32 European teams, while Juventus ranked 12th overall. This makes Juve the highest-valued team in Italy, even though they lost 5.1% of their value due to their exclusion from European competitions in the recent season.

Once again, Juve proves to be a far bigger club than most of the other teams in the Italian top flight.

Juve FC Says

We remain the biggest club in Italy, and this report confirms that our value remains strong despite the tough times we have experienced recently.

As we return to competitions like the Champions League and Club World Cup, we will become even more valuable.