Juventus paid tribute to the victims of the Heysel tragedy in a statement posted on the club’s official website.

The disaster occurred ahead of the European Cup final between Juventus and Liverpool on the 29th of May, 1985.

A section of the stands in the stadium collapsed following crowd trouble, resulting in the unfortunate death of 39 Juventus supporters, including women and children.

So on the 39th anniversary of the tragedy, the club describes the incident as a wound that will never heal.

“29 May 1985, A wound that continues to hurt, a tragedy, a dramatic memory for those who lost loved ones and for the entire Juventus family.

This year’s anniversary is intertwined with a number that has always and forever been linked to that day: 39 years have passed since the abyss of that evening in Brussels.


“The memory remains sharp and painful: a Champions Cup final that continues to generate anger and pain, in which 39 people lost their lives in the tragic pre-match incident.


“A number that has become a symbol, telling more than any words the suffering we all continue to carry within us. That is why we stand beside the families in remembrance of the innocent victims, who have been with us in thought since that fateful day.

“We will never forget the tragedy of that day.”