Juventus has made the decision to withdraw Federico Chiesa from the transfer market, influenced by his return to top form. Despite being considered a key player, Chiesa was previously speculated to leave the club in a significant transfer deal, potentially alongside Dusan Vlahovic.

The club’s financial situation prompted discussions about the necessity to offload top players in order to raise funds for new transfers. However, the prospect of selling both Chiesa and Vlahovic faced backlash from fans, especially considering Chiesa’s recent recovery from a lengthy injury and Vlahovic’s ongoing struggles with injuries.

Observing Chiesa’s performance closely during the pre-season, Juventus is now convinced that he is reclaiming his outstanding form. In light of this, the club has made the determination to retain Chiesa and not pursue a sale, as reported by Tuttomercatoweb.

This decision signifies the importance of Chiesa to Juventus and the club’s commitment to nurturing his resurgence in form. With Chiesa returning to his brilliant best, Juventus aims to harness his skills to contribute positively to their upcoming campaigns.

Juve FC Says

Chiesa is one of our most important players and selling him does not make sense as we rebuild the team.

He is one player who will almost certainly make it in another club, so we expect him to stay and do well for us.

This decision is the best for us and we expect him to do much better in the upcoming season and help us win a trophy.

If we sell him, we will struggle to get someone as good as he is from the money we will make.