While news reports often highlight the wages and transfer fees commanded by footballers, some also wonder about the salaries of top officials.

The official Juventus website has published a post titled “The letter from the chairman to the shareholders” which also includes a detailed financial report.

According to Calciomercato, this report revealed the wages of Juventus president Andrea Agnelli, vice-president Pavel Nedved and CEO Maurizio Arrivabene.

Agnelli currently earns a total of 520 thousands euro per season. This includes 450k for his role as a president, another 35k for being a club director plus some additional bonuses.

The source also notes that Agnelli used to collect 700 thousands per year but decided to take a pay cut due to the financial losses registered during the previous campaign.

For his part, Nedved collects a total of 516 thousands per season. The Czech earns 466k for his role as vice-president plus another 35k for action as a club director.

Arrivabene has been working on reducing the wage bill since taking charge, but ironically, he’s the club’s highest paid official.

The Bianconeri’s CEO earns 1.22 million euros per season while also enjoying some non-monetary benefits. These include the assignment of a company car, insurance coverage and supplementary health care, a housing allowance, the provision of restaurant tickets and the allocation of flexible benefits.