UEFA has fined Juventus 3.5m euros for the breach of the Financial Fair Play rules and they risk more punishment, Calciomercato reveals.

The Bianconeri have struggled with some off-field legal problems recently, mostly based on their finances and fans have been eager to see them get over it.

The Black and Whites are defending themselves in several financial cases at home and seem to have broken a UEFA regulation too.

While revealing fines by the governing body on Italian clubs, the report reveals Juve paid that fine and committed not to break an FFP rule for the next three seasons.

During this time, their finances would be monitored. If they break the rule, the Black and Whites will pay 23m euros.

Juve FC Says

As one of the biggest clubs in the world, it costs a lot of money for us to stay competitive and we sometimes break financial rules to make some business decisions.

The club’s new board is working hard to clean some of the mess it inherited in Turin and we expect them not to get involved in other financial acts that will add to the struggles we are facing now.

Hopefully, we will sort out all our financial problems soon and return to form off the field.