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Juventus risks serious punishment if transfer investigation doesn’t favour them

November 29, 2021 - 7:30 pm

Juventus is currently under investigation for some of its recent transfer dealings.

The investigators believe they have a strong case, while the Bianconeri maintains that they have done the right thing while conducting their transfer business.

Fans will be happy with the club’s confidence that they would find nothing unusual in their business dealings.

However, if the investigators eventually find the club guilty of any financial irregularity, it could result in a terrible outcome.

The Italian association for the protection of consumer rights, CODACONS has commented on the ongoing investigation and reveals Juve could be stripped of their last Serie A title and also demoted to Serie B.

Its President Marco Donzelli told TMW as quoted by Football Italia: “The accusatory system is very serious and throws a sinister light on the last football championships, also because there has been a real Juventus dominance in recent years, which ended in the past year.

“If Juventus were to have illegitimately gained an advantage over rival clubs with operations of this type, then the regularity of the last football championships would fail and, as a consequence, the Federation and the Authority for market competition will have to intervene and sanction those responsible.

“Beyond individual responsibilities, the club will not be exempt from punishment. For this reason and to protect thousands of fans, we will present a complaint to the Antitrust and the Federal Prosecutor’s Office asking for the relegation to Serie B for Juventus and the revocation of the last league titles won in the shadow of these potentially illegal operations.”

Juve FC Says

This development would concern some Juventus fans considering the damage the Calciopoli scandal did to the club back in 2006.

Juve has too much on-field work to do now and doesn’t need this kind of distraction.

Max Allegri’s team is still struggling to get back to form in Serie A and Europe and wouldn’t want to be dealt a new blow that is as big as relegation to Serie B or a points deduction.

Hopefully, the club is right, and this investigation would only lead the investigators to a dead end.

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  • Avatar
    JP November 30, 2021 at 1:17 am

    Is this type of government intervention normal? Does it not seem excessive to have soo many government agencies included in this investigation?

  • Avatar
    Chedly November 30, 2021 at 11:53 am

    They seem hellbent on destroying us.