As part of the process of rectifying the financial mismanagement left behind by the previous Juventus board, one of the key objectives is to implement cost-saving measures.

The current board is diligently working towards restoring the financial health of the Bianconeri both on and off the field, and their efforts have yielded positive results thus far.

According to Il Bianconero, the club has successfully saved approximately 40 million euros through various measures and remains committed to further savings.

Juve aims to continue reducing its wage bill, offloading surplus players and replacing them with more economical alternatives who can still contribute effectively to the team’s performance.

Despite the return of several loaned-out players, the club still possesses a surplus of unwanted players in its squad. The sale of these players would provide a significant boost to the club’s finances.

Juve FC Says

The new board inherited a mess at the club and has been brilliant in ensuring they can do some cleaning.

Despite not winning any trophy, we can give them some credit for the problems they have solved in the few months they have been in charge.

However, we hope saving costs will not deny us the chance to sign exciting players in this transfer window because that could be the difference between a good or a bad season.